Individual Products - Individual service



Flexibility and individual adaptation to the requirements of the stored products as well as the clients’ demands make HOFA-Logistics provide commissioning by both the “ware-to-man-system” as well as the “man-to-ware-system”.

We wrap your products and deliver them either in their original packages or in individual packages designed according to your demands.

We also support you with marketing measures to ensure customer loyalty and add promotion material, information leaflets or cost-free samples to your products.

Whether you have 3 or 500 orders to deliver per day or first collect the orders and send them afterwards in case you have a smaller shop – you always benefit from our service range.

Moreover we naturally provide return logistics in line with the warehousing. This means that we control returned goods, prepare them for the stocking again and thus enable an optimal return management.

  • Professional supply management
  • Fast and secure commissioning
  • Efficient stocking
  • Quality control
  • Custom-fitting and fragile-proof confectioning
  • Return management customized to your demands
  • Distribution of advertising material
  • Design of advertising material


Our Compact Services in the areas Warehousing and Stock Management

  • Receipt of goods & quality check
  • Commissioning
  • Confection
  • Refinement and Processing
  • Distribution and customs handling (national, international)
  • Reporting about stock movement and holding via interface or client port
  • Stock capacities (storage-, action- and handling space, EUR-pallet lots)
  • Storage variants (high rack and block storage, lower shelf storage, action space, blocked stock, return stock)
  • Security (contact protection of all entrances, fire control, presence detectors, video control in all security areas inside and outside)