Tailored for your individual demands



Corporate value creation processes are – just like measures in the area of logistics planning and processing – characterized by complex mutual dependencies. If singular elements or interrelations are neglected this can lead to hidden cost drivers but also to the creation of isolated solutions hardly allowing an integration into the value creation process.

Our flexible and high-efficient system allows the fulfillment of definitely yours but also our own demands on high quality standards. Our specialists are able to react on every requirement and optimization within the logistics processes and develop and process the required innovations accordingly. After many years of experience we have come to the conclusion that standardized intermediate solutions are insufficient for a sustainable cost-optimized process management. Standardized updates, for example, often don’t comprehend the required innovations and are hence related to considerable startup costs and errors during the processing. Another disadvantage is that these solutions cannot always be fully implemented into required processes, which, after all, does not satisfy your individual needs and demands.

Therefore we seek to incorporate individuality to the highest possible extent as a basis for management and control of your processes in the logistics area, ensuring that the best technical solution is available for your processes in order to reduce costs effectively.

We offer:

  • Highest flexibility
  • Individual solutions for your demands
  • Transparency
  • High security
  • Direct contacts




We provide our advice for the solution of small and big problems. Whether you have a running warehouse management system or think about introducing one – we are the best partner for you. Why? Because we know of what we speak. We have experienced every possible problem by ourselves. And now we know how to solve them all!

You know your deficits. For example:
You need a scanner-based control system fully avoiding errors at picking and packing and delivering the goods. 
You want to print packaging labels via scanner and incorporate your scales into your system.
You have increasing third-country shipping and need automated customs declaration forms.
You need counsel for storing and restoring.

We provide solutions which we offer at a fraction of the price of our competitors. As we trust on web-based technologies running on your in-house computers we can implement these requirements easily into your ERP system if it supports data import or export.